PRESS RELEASE 'TRANS-FORM, MINT, London design festival' 11/09/2018

Mint Gallery has selected our work for their 'Trans-form' exhibition during 'London Design Week'.

To mark it's 20th anniversary Mint presents TRANS-FORM, an exciting collection of over 60 material-forward designers focusing on altering the state of matter through the design process. Lina Kanafani’s curated show for this year highlights the transformative power of design.



'The Orotundo', Dining Table, 2017 Aluminium, Aeronautical Aluminium, Glass. 

Designed by Glen Baghurst & produced by M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri. 

Orotundo is an imposing minimalist dining table. This solid metal casting inspired by large church bells is made by the master bellmakers at M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri. Like the communal chimes of a church bell, this heavy object will enable a crowd to gather, discuss and indulge.

"I enjoy taking traditional craftsmanship out of context and applying it to new forms."

Quote from Glen Baghurst

PHOTO:Petra Bindel STYLING: Emma Legerberg

PHOTO:Petra Bindel STYLING: Emma Legerberg

Ceiling_Clock_GlenBaghurst (7 of 14).jpg
Ceiling_Clock_GlenBaghurst (11 of 14).jpg
Ceiling_Clock_GlenBaghurst (12 of 14).jpg

NEW! The 'Orotundo' Dining Table. In the Bronze of the Master Bell Maker.

Orotundo_GlenBaghurst_meohlssonsklockgjuteri (13 of 13).jpg
Ceiling_Clock_GlenBaghurst (10 of 14).jpg
Ceiling_Clock_GlenBaghurst (13 of 14).jpg


Mint is an interior design store based in central London. Established in 1998 by Lina Kanafani, it is renowned for contemporary collections and creative merchandising, offering cutting edge design, cleverly mixed with innovative one-off pieces.

Mint is dedicated to showcasing the latest emerging talents, regularly commissioning artists and designers to create one-off & limited edition pieces exclusively for the store.

Mint has developed as an established trendsetter by being one step ahead of most retailers through its unique interpretation of trends and its exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics.

Excerpt from Mint Website


2 North Terrace
Alexander Square
London SW3 2BA

(Around corner from V&A Museum)

Mint Shop, Brompton, London

Mint Shop, Brompton, London



Glen Baghurst is both a designer and coproducer of products and furniture. His work explores luxury ideas with a simple Scandinavian style. 

He is based in Malmö, Sweden and Sydney, Australia. The majority of his work is created through collaborations with craftspeople including an armchair made by a Master Piano Maker and a Champagne Table made by a Master Bell Maker. 

Photo: Særún Hrafnkelsdottir Norén

Photo: Særún Hrafnkelsdottir Norén


about M&E Ohlssons klockgjuteri

M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri AB is a metal foundry in Ystad in the south of Sweden a main logistic port from Sweden to Europe.The town is well known for its productions of TV series The Bridge and Wallander. M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri have been casting bells for churches and boats since the 1800’s. They continue to retain techniques from this age but have moved with current technologies on the side of keeping this traditional techniques. Situated inside a manufacturing area they have business around them that do highly specialised 3D printing for hospital equipment, precision metal machining and a stone cutting factory to name a few companies we utilize in our production process. As well as the casting of metals, a large part of M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri business is to refurbish and rebuild bell towers. Prominent features of these towers are clocks. It's common for them to rebuild and design larger faced clocks for these towers. 


Tony Kempe of M & E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri

Tony Kempe of M & E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri


Other collaborations with M&E Ohlssons klockgjuteri