'The Ceiling Clock'


Timepiece, 2016

Material Solid Aluminium, Optional Stone Base

Limited Edition 30 pieces


H 45 cm x W 64 cm x D 9 cm
H 17.72 in. x W 25.2 in. x D 3.55 in.

Place of Manufacture Sweden

Production Time 10 - 12 Weeks

Produced by AB M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri

Designed by Glen Baghurst

Delivered Assembled

Shipping Global Shipping Available 

Stones Available



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‘The Ceiling Clock’ is a timepiece that can be attached to the wall, ceiling or sitting on a mantel. Inspired by his father's wristwatch collection Glen Baghurst has designed the casing of the clock like a wristwatch with large obvious mounts either side of the face showing clearly how it fixes to the wall or ceiling. The case has been developed for a specific purpose leaving the dial and hands open for a variations of styles.

M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri AB is a metal foundry in Ystad in the south of Sweden, a main logistic port from Sweden to Europe. The town is well known for its productions of TV series ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Wallander’. M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri have been casting bells for churches and boats since the 1800s. They continue to retain techniques from this age but have moved with current technologies. Situated inside a manufacturing area they have businesses around them that do highly specialised 3D printing, precision metal machining and stone cutting. All of which is used in the production of various products by Glen Baghurst. As well as the casting of metals, a large part of M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri business is to refurbish and rebuild bell towers. Prominent features of these towers are clocks. It's common for them to rebuild and design larger faced clocks for these towers.