'The Champagne Table'

Table for champagne, 2016
Solid Brass, Marble

limited edition of 300

This heavy opulent table is used to chill and serve champagne. Three bottles of champagne should be kept in the bell at all times as potential for a great evening. The tabletop is made from solid cast brass. This is cantilevered by a heavy stone base. The table comes with a stainless steel and leather insert that holds the ice and allows for easy removal of water at the end of use.

The table is sand casted using the same techniques as the bells made in the foundry 300 years before. M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri AB is a metal foundry in Ystad in the south of Sweden, a main logistic port from Sweden to Europe. The town is well known for its productions of TV series ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Wallander’. M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri have been casting bells for churches and boats since the 1800s. They continue to retain techniques from this age but have moved with current technologies. Situated inside a manufacturing area they have businesses around them that do highly specialised 3D printing, precision metal machining and stone cutting. All of which is used in the production of various products by Glen Baghurst.

During Baghurst’s travels in Spain he came across a 1970s plastic drinks table. This made him ask what a contemporary drinks table would look like and champagne came directly to mind. The bell shape made for a perfect holder of the bottles and by extending the shape it provided a surface for glass and serveware.


Glen Baghurst [Australian/Swedish, b. 1984]

The Champagne table, cocktail table/sofa table,

2016 Brass, carrara marble or granite

Produced by M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri.


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