How to place an order

The Champagne Table-packed for Tokyo Kareoke Room.jpg
  1. For dimensions, pricing, shipping and general info please see the 'info sheet', if you have any further questions please make an 'price enquiry'
  2. To order please fill out the 'Order' form, these are specific to object. For example If you would like to order chairs and a table, please submit multiple order forms. 
  3. Once an 'Order' is submitted we will issue you a 'Letter of Offer', you will then need to accept the offer, then we will issue you an invoice. 
  4. Once your invoice is paid we will begin fabrication.
  5. We will notify you when fabrication is complete. The objects will be packaged ready for shipment directly from the factory. 
  6. We do not arrange shipping, but we do provide contacts to help you. 

For assistance or more info regarding your order please contact our sales team at