Dining table, 2017

Aluminium, glass

Dimensions Ø160 75H cm

Orotundo is an imposing minimalist dining table. This solid metal casting inspired by large church bells is made by the master bellfounders at M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri. Like the communal chimes of a church bell, this heavy object will enable a crowd to gather, discuss and indulge.


'The Champagne Table'

Table for champagne, 2016
Solid Brass, Marble

Limited edition 300 pieces. Produced by AB M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri & Glen Baghurst

This heavy opulent table is used to chill and serve champagne. Three bottles of champagne should be kept in the bell at all times as potential for a great evening.

The tabletop is made from solid cast brass, this is cantilevered by a heavy stone base. 


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