PRESS RELEASE 5/4/2018: MIART 2018 


Designer Glen Baghurst collaborates with French Plumassier (feather artisan) Maxime Leroy to create an armchair decorated with contemporary feather work. 

The armchair titled 'accoutre no.2' will have it's international premiere at the modern and contemporary Milan art fair, Miart. It will be presented in an exhibition curated by gallery and creative agency 'Matter of Stuff'. 

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ABOUT the object

Untitled, Club Chair, accoutre no.2
Limited edition

Steel, leather, paint, palette d’Oie (Goose Palette Feather, no dye used)

Designer, Glen Baghurst
Plumassier (feather artisan), Maxime Leroy

In the first edition of the ‘Club Chair’ (2016) the designer Glen Baghurst drew inspiration from high fashion and English saddlery and applied this to create his leather draped armchair.

This second edition is a limited release and is designed and produced in collaboration with French Plumassier (feather artisan) Maxime Leroy. Leroy specialises in contemporary feather work and has executed pieces of Haute Couture fashion for Chanel, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton.

In this particular case the feathers used are sourced from farmed birds. We recycled "the waste" of the food industry. 

The feathers that adorn the chair of the « accoutre no.2 » series are carefully sourced, calibrated, shaped and then hand applied one by one in the Parisian feather atelier of Maxime Leroy. Making each piece of the 'Accoutre no.2' series, one of a kind. A true Haute-Couture experience.  



Glen Baghurst is both a designer and co-producer of products and furniture. His work explores luxury ideas with a simple Scandinavian style. 

He is based in Malmö, Sweden and Sydney, Australia. The majority of his work is created through collaborations with craftspeople including an armchair made by a Master Piano Maker and a Champagne Table made by a Master Bell Maker. 

Photo: Særún Hrafnkelsdottir Norén 

Photo: Særún Hrafnkelsdottir Norén 


about M.Marceau Atelier de Plumasserie

With almost a decade of experience in the world of feathers, the French Plumassier (feather artisan), Maxime Leroy founder of M.Marceau, continues to cement his status as a unique visionary. Signing numerous collaborations in the realms of fashion, art, photography, cinema and interior design he is well known for his distinctive style. Earning credibility and notoriety from executing some of the most exquisite pieces of Haute Couture fashion for ChanelGivenchyJean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton.


Maxime Leroy founder of M.Marceau

Maxime Leroy founder of M.Marceau


about matter of stuff & MIART

Image courtesy of the Miart Gallery

Image courtesy of the Miart Gallery

Matter of Stuff is a London based creative studio and collective of manufacturers established in 2014. Co-founders Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni co-ordinate community of designers, manufacturers, film makers and story tellers with the aim of promoting a culture where craftsmanship is at the heart of any creation.

MIART 2018

Press view: April 12, 2018, 11 am

Public opening: April 13-15, 2018

Booth O09, Pavillion 3, Fiera Milano

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Curated by:
Hugo Macdonald, Design Critic and Journalist, London