M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri AB

Tony Kempe pictured. 

M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri AB is a metal foundry in Ystad in the south of Sweden a main logistic port from Sweden to Europe.The town is well known for its productions of TV series The Bridge and Wallander. M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri have been casting bells for churches and boats since the 1800’s. They continue to retain techniques from this age but have moved with current technologies on the side of keeping this traditional techniques. Situated inside a manufacturing area they have business around them that do highly specialised 3D printing for hospital equipment, precision metal machining and a stone cutting factory to name a few companies we utilize in our production process. As well as the casting of metals, a large part of M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri business is to refurbish and rebuild bell towers. Prominent features of these towers are clocks. It's common for them to rebuild and design larger faced clocks for these towers. 



Felix Lenz is a master piano maker. His showroom and workshop are in Vienna, the home to german opera and many great musical composers. Felix builds and refurbishes uprights and grand piano in his workshop and combines this with tuning and maintaining the pianos at the Vienna Concert house and Vienna Opera.

Felix is a skilled craftsmen and one of five master piano makers in Vienna. He works with a range of lacquers, wood, piano fixtures, felt, a range of types of metal wire in which he makes his strings. It is truly precision work to rebuild and maintain some of the best pianos in the world.